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Mireddys González: Know About Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth


Here, you can learn about a famous American music manager and businesswoman who stands in a great position in the business. Mireddys González is the CEO and the music manager of the record company EI Cartel Records which was founded by her husband. Thus, she came into the limelight for being the wife of the famous rapper Daddy Yankee (Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez). Here, you are discussed with the bio, family, early education, and more.

Who Is The Personality?

Mireddys González has undergone much effort to attain a good position in her business. At the age of 17, she was married to Daddy Yankee. Their wedding ceremony took place in the year of 1994. As she is a famous and excellent business working woman and gains a lot of profit with this business. She is a wonderful businesswoman, who earns a large amount of money from her business.

Mireddys Biography

Mireddys was born to a wonderful family on January 19, 1977, in the United States of America. She was now about 45 years old in the year 2023. Their parents were very caring, and she had a very blissful life. She has an elder brother, Narma, who is also a music manager. She belongs to the nationality of America, and her ethnicity is Hispanic. Mireddys and their family follows Christianity. The couples can have matching queen and king crown tattoos on their hands.

Mireddys González Age

As Mireddys was born in 1977, her age is about 45 years in the year 2023 as she is the CEO and celebrity partner. She is the wife of well famous songwriter, rapper, actor, and record producer, Daddy Yankee. Mireddys and Yankee start dating each other when they are young.

Mireddys Height And Weight

Mireddys is roughly 5 feet 8 inches, or 1.73 meters, or 173 cm, tall. She has a body weight of around 62 kg or 134 IBs. Likewise, her major body measurements are 36-27-36 inches. She wears a shoe size of 6. Her eyes looked brown, and she had stunning brown hair. She often made colored her hair with different colors.

Mireddys Early Life

Mireddys was born in the year 1977 in the United States. As she was specialized and born under the sign of Capricorn. She is a well-educated individual. Then she fell in love with music and started her career in the music business for a long time.

Mireddys González Family

The couple Mireddys and Daddy Yankee got married in the year of 1994. They were just about 17 years old at the time of their marriage. The couple gets married on the native island of Puerto Rico. They are blessed with three kids. Their name was Jeremy ayala gonzalez was his son. The two daughters are Yamilet Ayala Gonzalez and jesaeelys ayala Gonzalez. Her oldest daughter, Ayala, continues her career as a makeup artist and is a famous and well-known YouTuber.

Mireddys González Education

Mireddys loves to work in the music field. Whereas her first and foremost profession was as a music manager. Then later, she became the CEO and the manager of her husband’s record company EI Cartel Records in the year of 2001. Her siblings have been a member of the group, making him an international star. This record company was established in the year 1997 by Yankee.

Mireddys Career

Mireddys started her career in the music business many years ago. She is also working as the CEO of the record company, which her husband, Yankee, started. She is also a famous and well-known Instagram content creator. She has been working as a music manager in the year of 2001. When Yankee arrived in Puerto Rico, Mireddys and her older brother were his managers.

Mireddys Relationship

They were just only teenagers when they met together and got married earlier at the age of 17 years old in the year of 1994. They explored their married relationship in the interview with Maria Celeste Arraras and AI Rojo Vivo. After they got married, they were blessed with the first baby, and they went with the kid wherever they attended events.

Mireddys Married Life

As she got married to a Yankee at the age of 17 in the United States. They fell in love with each other during their schooling and married. They move their life with a wonderful career in music as a manager, and he is a well-known rapper and record producer.

Yankee Career And Autobiography

Here, you are discussed about her lovable husband, Daddy Yankee. His real name is Ramon “Raymond” Ayala, a famous Puerto Rican singer, rapper, and record producer. Yankee starts his career with the hip-hop session and Latin ascent, such as dancehall. He is the 1st artist to have performed on the stage internationally in reggaeton music. He had put much effort into investments in the reggaeton world for about 13 years before achieving great success.

He has collaborated with other artists like Pitbull, Mey Vidal, nas, Tony Touch, and a young buck. In 2017, Yankee established an excellent collaboration with Despacito with the singer luis fonsi. As he is also an actor, he has acted in many American films and the series of commemorations of love, glory, and beauty. He has achieved many awards and nominations, which included ten Guinness world records and seven billboard music awards. Gasolina was his unexpected hit. He is also a clothing designer.

Mireddys On Social Media

Mireddys used to post her family pictures on social media platforms. It makes much interest for their fans to have a look over the pictures as she was posted. Her lifestyle, when she makes any vacation trip when, participates in any events, and can promote her posts regularly on social media. Now, the couples uploaded their foremost photograph of the 23rd anniversary and shared their romantic moments among the public.

In that specific photograph, Yankee hired a jet full of balloons with beautiful flower arrangements for his wife. She also thanked her husband for these surprising gifts on her wedding anniversary. She has about 1 million followers and one thousand followers on Twitter.

Mireddys Net Worth

Mireddys is fond of the former music manager’s profession, as she earned an excellent amount of money. She earns much money from the CEO position and as the manager in her husband’s record company. Her husband, daddy Yankee has an amazing net worth of $30 million. She also has a contract deal with Interscope Records and the Pepsi endorsement for about $20 million.


You can learn about Mireddys, her early life, and her husband, Yankee. They are a more popular music manager and the CEO of the record company, as she was a popular person on the social media platform.

Interesting Facts About Mireddys

Mireddys is a famous social media celebrity with 392 thousand followers on instagram.

She is 15 days older than her husband. As Mireddys was born on January 19, 1977, her husband was born on February 3, 1977.

Yankee was her sweetheart during their schooling, and he was the only person she dated with.

Her husband labels other records like dream team killer, machete, universal and capital Latin.

Ramon Luis Ayala rodriguez is the real name yankee. He is the best rapper and the famous celebrity.

Yankee received royalties for his excellent music on the platforms like Spotify and youtube.

She has been the best support system for the Yankee.


What Was The Age Of Mireddys?

Mireddys is about 46 years old, born on January 19, 1977.

Where is she born from?

Mireddys Gonzalez was born with the beautiful family in the United States.

What is she fond of?

Though her education seemed good, she fell in love with music as she became the music manager of her husband’s company.

Is Mireddys active on social media?

Yes, she always uploads recent pictures which were taken with their family. They are made to interact with the public at times.

When did Mireddys get married?

Mireddys got married to daddy Yankee at the age of 17.

How many children as the couple have?

The couple was blessed with three kids. They are two daughters and a son.

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