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Who Is Kate Bock? Know About Her Biography

The famous personality named kate bock is also known as Kate Lynne Bock. She is mostly famous for the appearance that she made in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in the year 2013. She was born on Jan 30 in the year 1988. She is 33, and she is born and brought up in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a pretty model by profession, she belongs to a Jewish family and has Canadian nationality. 

Career And Education:

The famous personality Kate Bock completed her graduation and went to West Vancouver school.  When she graduated she also went to Paris to do her career in modelling. Before she gained fame she served as an agent in the swimming pool at the age of 12. French immersion school is also a part of her education. 

Body Measurements:

The body measurements of Kate Bock can be known as 34-23-35. She has got a proper height of 1.78 meters. She has blue eye colour and also she has blonde hair colour. The skin colour that she is having is mostly of fair complexion. 


The family life of Kate’s not adequately known. She has a proper sister who is named Anna and also she has a brother who is named Lan. She also does not reveal her life. She is happily married. She is living with her child and also she has determination. She has also worked in various magazines such as Elle. 

The parents of the famous personality Kate Bock are mostly Doug and also Laura. Doug, her father, is mostly a business person known by profession and her mother is mostly a housewife. They are mostly from Canada and they also work in the same place. There is not much information known about the parents. 

Marriage life of Kate Bock:

Mostly we find that Kate Bock has married the love of her life and she is staying at a happy place. The famous footballer to whom she is married is mostly named Kevin Love. They also had a very romantic relationship and they almost lived for five years. They then decided to gain engagement in the year 2021. As per sources, they will get married later. 


The net worth of Kate Bock is mostly dollar three million only. 

Facts to know: 

  • There are some of her favourite hobbies that is painting and dancing. 
  • She loves to visit Italy. 
  • My favourite food that she likes is Seafood Paella. 
  • My favourite colour is white. 


The famous personality Kate is basically known for the action that she does and also has appeared in Victoria’s Secret. 


Q1. What are your best hobbies of Kate Bock? 

Ans. Kate Bock loves to dance and paint. 

Q2. What is her favourite colour? 

Ans. White. 

Q3. Is she married? 

Ans. Yes. 

Q4. What are the education qualifications? 

Ans. She is graduated. 

Q5. Where does she live currently? 

Ans. New York. 

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